Chicken Recipes to Warm Your Soul

Chicken Recipes to Warm Your Soul

I’ve lived most of my life in and around Chicago, so I’m no stranger to nasty winters. I’m well-versed in winds blowing right through the buttons of your coat, wet socks sticking up from the tops of snow boots and scarves that you don’t dare lower from your nose. Like everybody else does when the weather turns bleak, I bundle up…and my food does, too!

Seriously, these bundles are one of the most warming and satisfying dishes around, and chicken recipes are always my go-to this time of year. If you haven’t tried these rolls of savory, stuffed goodness, you need to. They’ll thaw you inside and out.

Crispy Chicken Burrito Bundles: It never fails—this recipe is the compliment-earner. It’s the dish that everyone assumes you spent hours in the kitchen making, when you actually prepped these crunchy little chicken packets in 15 minutes…with just six ingredients. And if you keep canned beans, frozen corn, salsa and Mexican cheese on hand, you have everything you need to fill them. (You don’t even have to thaw the corn!)

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Broccoli-Cheddar Chicken Bundles: If chicken cordon bleu and broccoli-cheese casserole had a love child, it’d be this dish. It’s THAT tasty. Yet it’s one of the simpler entrées you can make: Just top chicken thighs with broccoli, cheddar and bacon, then roll ’em up in a seasoned coating and bake. Bam—dinner’s on.

Looking to stuff more goodness into your life (and your food)? You’ll find our very best stuffed dishes (mushrooms, shells, pork and more) in our collection of stuffed recipes.

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