Citrus Desserts to Beat the Winter Blahs

Citrus Desserts to Beat the Winter Blahs

I HATE going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark. It’s the most soul-sucking part of winter, in my book. You can give me snow shoveling and heating bills and that constant cabin-fever-germ-paranoia, and I’ll take it in stride—but I need me some sunshine now and then. So when I’m feeling cold and blah and fantasizing about tropical beaches, I head to my kitchen to make one of these glorious citrus desserts. When you’re basking in their bright colors and tangy flavors, you can almost pretend it’s 80 degrees outside. (Almost.)

Low-Fat Orange Dream Cheesecake: For everyone who’s sticking to their New Year’s diet resolutions, this one is for you. Cutting down on fat and sugar makes this citrusy cheesecake a smart choice without compromising on its light and airy texture.

lemon cake recipe2

Warm Winter Lemon Cake: Warming AND citrusy? That’s my kind of cake. And when that citrus flavor comes in the form of lemon pudding…well, all the better! Each forkful of this moist, lemony, surprise-on-the-bottom cake is a promise that winter can’t last forever. (Think I’m being melodramatic? Taste it.)


Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake: Don’t be intimidated by blood oranges—they’re just like regular oranges except the flesh is reddish, a little sweeter and berry-like in flavor. This moist, dense cake is ridiculously delicious, thanks to the caramelized citrus. It’s basically the next best thing to a flight to Florida (one-way).

Hungry for more sunshiney treats? Browse our citrus dessert collection.


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