An Mmm-mazing Cheddar Soup Recipe (with Veggies!)

Mmm-mazing Cheddar Soup (with Veggies!)

With the New Year comes opportunity for a fresh start. I like to take the first few days at the beginning of January to mentally prepare myself for the months ahead. I use this time to think seriously about what I want to accomplish. I then outline goals and formulate a plan. At the top of my list, I prioritize health, diet, and nutrition.

After the sweets and treats of December are gone, January is a great time to focus more on what we put into our bodies. A great way to incorporate winter vegetables into meals is with soup recipes. Easy and quick to make, soup can be stored in the fridge or in the freezer for a handy meal after a long, busy day. A favorite soup recipe of mine is this extremely flavorful Cheddar Soup with Potatoes, Corn, and Crunchy Croutons. I add a bit of smoky paprika for color and taste. The beautiful orangey reds come from a combination of paprika, red pepper, and cheddar. For extra bulk and substance, I’ll add corn and potatoes, topping it all off with a few whole wheat bread croutons to soak up those rich, savory flavors.

Warm, comforting soup is one of my favorite easy dinner recipes to make during the winter months.


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