A Warm & Hearty Mealtime Favorite: Cheesy Three-Bean Chili

A Warm & Hearty Mealtime Favorite: Cheesy Three-Bean Chili

Just like that, the holidays have come and gone. My family and I had such a wonderful time this holiday season. We were able to get together more than we have in years past. We even got to go on our annual snow and ski vacation. Since we live in Florida, snow is a treat for us. We spend almost the entire vacation playing in the snow, from early morning until late in the evening. We ski, sled, tube and of course, have snowball fights!

After returning from the cold weather, we all feel refreshed and recharged. Spending a week cooking in a cabin with family, talking with others who love to cook, helps inspire me. I have a ton of new ideas, including new ways to serve up old favorites like this Cheesy Three Bean Chili recipe.

Making this dish the same way every time can get boring. For a subtle change the kids will still love, I made this chili with three types of beans, instead of just one, and added more spices and vegetables.

It was a huge hit with my family. Everyone loved it. You can make it either on the stove, like I’ve done here, or brown the meat with the vegetables and add everything to the slow cooker, letting it cook all day. Make sure to top this chili with cheese before serving. That makes it extra special!

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