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Easy Game-Day Eats: Shrimp 7-Layer Dip

Thinking back to my childhood, I have very fond memories of watching football with my dad. Every Sunday during the season, Dad would settle into his recliner to enjoy the day’s games. I would settle join him in the den, sometimes climbing into his lap like he was a jungle gym, occasionally paying attention to the game, and, more often than not, only half-watching games while I played with my toys.

At some point during the afternoon, Mom would magically appear with snacks for us to enjoy. One of the snacks I loved most was Mom’s shrimp dip. Packed with small whole shrimp and creamy cocktail sauce, I just couldn’t wait to scoop up every last bit with my accompanying chips. And when it came time for the big game in February? Oh, Mom put on the most delicious game-day spread!

Even on the day of the big game, whether I paid attention to the game or not, spending relaxed time at home with Mom and Dad always made game day my favorite.

Inspired by those childhood memories, this season I decided to bring together Mom’s shrimp dip and the classic 7-layer dip concept to create this shrimp-based 7-layer dip. A creamy layer of sour cream and cream cheese is topped with zesty cocktail sauce, loads of shrimp and imitation crab, green onion, diced tomato and a bit of mozzarella cheese. The result is a flavor combination even better than the shrimp dip that inspired me to make it.

 Now, when it comes to watching the actual game, not much has changed since my childhood days. I may not be playing with toys, but I’m still usually only half-watching. But rest assured, whether you or I care about the game, this Shrimp 7-Layer Dip will have us perfectly (and deliciously) prepared.

Click here for the full recipe: Shrimp 7-Layer Dip.

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