Fond of Fondue? Me Too!

There’s a certain romantic holiday arriving in five days (but who’s counting?), and a deep pool of molten chocolate and an accompanying pile of strawberries are downright icons of Valentine’s Day. That might have been my original inspiration for featuring these luscious, made-for-sharing fondue recipes…but you know what? I’m fond of fondue all year long. If we could only dunk bite-size snacks into chocolate or cheese once a year, this would be a sad, sad world.

So if you love fondue as much as I do, then gather some friends around that melting pot and get to dippin’. Make it for your Valentine’s Day party, or your anti-Valentine’s Day party, or any other gathering of like-minded fondue fans. Because warm, melty deliciousness should be enjoyed year round.

BAKER’S Chocolate Fondue: If you ARE making a fondue for Valentine’s Day, this is the one to make. A splash of strong coffee intensifies the chocolate flavor, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a fondue—a deep, rich, chocolatey coating that contrasts gorgeously with juicy fruit pieces or tender chunks of cake. Happy V-Day, indeed.

Valentine’s Day 2

Garlic, Spinach & Cheddar Fondue: And if you’re more of the savory sort, this garlicky fondue is decidedly for you. Two types of cheese—cream cheese and a shredded cheddar blend—make this melting pot ridiculously smooth and creamy.

Valentine’s Day

Quick Cheese Fondue: And if you’re looking to please both the sweet AND savory crowds, this versatile fondue belongs in your life. It pairs beautifully with fruit (try apples!) and equally well with bread dippers and veggies. I love the addition of dry mustard in this super-thick, super-cheesy dip; it provides just the right amount of zip.

Check out more speared-and-dunked deliciousness in our collection of favorite fondue recipes.

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