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It’s OK to Be a Little Shellfish

Not gonna lie: There are some dishes I don’t share. When my kiddos come up to me with mouths wide open (known around my house as “the baby-bird maneuver”), I’m ordinarily happy to pop a forkful of whatever I’m eating into their gaping jaws. But for shrimp? Nope. Uh-uh. Get your own plate. Shellfishness happens, and I’m definitely not immune to it. Luckily, these succulent dishes—including a shrimp stir-fry, pasta and a super-creamy chowder—all serve at least four (and can be doubled, if you need to!), so you’ll have plenty of shrimp love to spread around. After you dish out your own serving, of course.

This Shrimp & Bok Choy Stir-Fry might be my very favorite I’ve-had-a-hectic-workday-and-just-need-a-tasty-dinner-idea dish. (You have a list of those too, right?) It’s ready in 20 and uses ingredients I keep in my fridge on a REALLY regular basis—and if bok choy isn’t in the crisper, I just toss in baby spinach. Serve it with hot brown rice and call it good…’cause it is!


And speaking of super-easy weeknight dishes, this Spaghetti with Garlic-Shrimp & Broccoli runs a close second on my go-to list. Cooking veggies in the same water as pasta is a HUGE time-saver for me, and I can easily sauté the shrimp in garlic-spiked Italian dressing while the broccoli and noodles simmer.


And while this little bowl of deliciousness is by no means speedy, Creole Shrimp Chowder is what I turn to for pure, shrimp-dotted comfort food. The stock is what makes it amazing: You simmer shrimp shells and tails in chicken broth, water and veggies to release all the rich, briny flavor, then strain out the solids and use that incredible liquid as a soup base. Creole seasoning adds oomph, chunks of shrimp provide sweetness, and cream cheese gives it velvety texture.

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