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Lunch-Box Confessions

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose lunch-packing routine looks like this: Wrap peanut butter & jelly sandwich in cellophane. (Pause for large sip of coffee.) Add assorted fruit and veggies to lunch box. (Detach toddler from my legs.) Toss in thermos of milk. (Glance at clock; have mild heart attack.) Pop lunch boxes into kiddos’ hands and hustle ‘em out the door. (Grab coffee again.) It’s something I can do half-asleep (and I do frequently)—but the food? It’s just meh.

So for everybody’s sake, I’m shaking things up in the brown-bag lunch department. Here are three perfect-for-packing recipes that I’m adding to my kids’ lunch boxes in the near future (and probably to mine, too!). 

My kids LOVE tuna salad sandwiches, and this Tuna Twister Melt is just another version of that creamy, celery-dotted goodness—only wrapped in a flour tortilla! And while the recipe recommends microwaving to achieve full melted-cheese deliciousness, no worries if that’s not an option; they’re just as tasty served cold from a lunch box!Ham_Cheddar_Loaf

There is so much win in these Ham & Cheddar in a Loaf slices. SO much. For starters, it’s something even the pickiest of my kiddos will eat. (Seriously, ham + gooey cheese encased in crusty dough? What’s not to like?) And almost as importantly, one loaf serves eight…meaning I can bake it once and pack lunches with it for a couple days.


And when my kids deserve a little treat (for acing a reading test…or coming home from Craft Day relatively uncovered in glitter), I have my eye on these clever PB&J JELL-O JIGGLERS. Because honestly, how cute are these? With a peanut buttery, marshmallowy gelatin bottom layer and a grape-flavor gelatin top, they’re everything kids love about peanut butter & jelly and JELL-O JIGGLERS. (Just remember to store an ice pack in the box, of course!)

Looking for more kid-friendly lunch ideas? Look no further!

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