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Mini Taco Cups to Win the Tailgate

This month is full of some of the best events to celebrate with friends and family, and game days are great excuses for good grub. These Mini Taco Cups are the perfect addition to your home tailgate.

The best part about these Mini Taco Cups is that you can use them as a base for your favorite flavors. With this recipe, I used ground beef, cheese, salsa, red onion and green onion, but you could easily add finely shredded lettuce, sour cream and fresh cilantro. You can find mini phyllo tart shells in the freezer section of most grocery stores. They are great for bite-size appetizers.

The nice thing about having a variety of bite-size appetizers for your guests is it gives them the chance to try a bite of everything. Who doesn’t like taste-testing all of the best appetizers and dips while watching sports?

As you prepare your game-day recipes, add these Mini Taco Cups to the menu. Adults and kids love to munch on finger foods like these, and they are sure to be gone before the game is over!

Click here for the full recipe: Mini Taco Cups

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