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The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

For many of us, cooking is a way of expressing love—whether it’s showering guests and family with fabulous food at dinners and parties or baking something special for that special someone.

I’ve been married almost 22 years, and my husband and I are always making new memories with our family and sharing our love of cooking with them. One of our first dates was also one of the most memorable—and not in a good way. We were in college and went to a Chinese food buffet for dinner. We were so smitten with one another that we must not have paid too much attention to what we were eating. We never made it to the movie we’d planned to see; instead, we both spent the night very, very ill from dinner. It was awful, but we’ve laughed about it for years. Nowadays, we like to spend our time relaxing at home with our kids and baking something special to share together, like these Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes.

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake_2

Take some time to make these sweets for your sweeties (even if Valentine’s Day is over)! No traditional chocolate cake batter here—these are amazingly moist thanks to the addition of sour cream, and they contain the intriguing flavor of fresh thyme. Trying new flavors is a fun way to liven up any day!

Click here for the full recipe: Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

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