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3(.14) Pies for Pi Day

It’s not every day you can eat dessert in the name of mathematics…but today you can. Because on the 14th day of March each year, pi has its moment in the sun. The digits of this mathematical constant are recited in schoolrooms across the nation (well, some of the digits), songs sung about its discoverers (I’m not even joking) and, of course, slices shared of that most fabulous of all circular desserts—pie! It’s a fun holiday, any way you slice it.

So here are three easy pie recipes (a cream pie, a chicken pot pie and some ridiculously cute minis) to aid you in your celebration of all things pastry-wrapped and mathematically infinite. And yes, I know I promised 3.14 pies in the title, but think about it. That would be completely irrational.

Toasted Coconut Cream Pie: Any coconut fans in the house? If so, you might want to sit down before reading this description. There’s coconut in the crust. Coconut flakes and coconut milk in the filling. And a toasty topping of coconut crowning the pie. It’s coconutty flavor that just…won’t…quit. (But why would you want it to?)

Chicken Parmesan Pot Pie

Chicken-Parmesan Pot Pie: Did you know you can whip up pie dough in your food processor with just flour, margarine and Neufchatel cheese? It’s true! After that, you’re just a little rolling, fluting and filling away from this super-saucy and cheesy chicken pot pie. (This pie is my go-to when I have leftover cooked chicken in my fridge—you don’t even need to cook the filling beforehand!)

Mini Mojito Pies

Mini Mojito Pies: My favorite minty lime beverage transformed into adorable, pudding-y mini pies? Sign me up! And those cute pastry cups are easier to make than you might think: Just flip a muffin pan upside down and mold the pie dough around each muffin pan cup, then bake.

Can’t get enough of our super-easy pies? That’s easily fixed.


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