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Breakfast-Time Recipes for Dinnertime: Break the Rules!

Most days, I live a pretty by-the-book life. I’m early to meetings, I’m honest about the cashier’s miscounted change and I’m courteous when it comes to sharing the aisle at the grocery store (*hint, hint* to the middle-lane drivers). But even I have to admit: Sometimes, I get the urge to rebel. It’s a yearning to do something crazy like take a spontaneous trip or buy a lifetime supply of chewing gum. But because my budget, kids and living space won’t allow for such things, I settle for smaller acts of defiance—like making breakfast-time and brunch recipes at dinnertime. These are some of my top picks.

Bacon and Sausage Breakfast-Time Totchos: Swapping out “Breakfast-Time” for “Anytime” has a nicer ring to it, don’t you think? These savory totchos (or TATER TOT® nachos for the poor souls who are not yet in the know) are dressed up with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese and crispy bacon. Serve the hearty, casserole-like dish at night, then save the extra servings to reheat in the morning.

brunch recipes_2

Waffled French Toast with Maple Cream: Breaking the rules may be frowned upon, but lucky for us, there are no rules when it comes to this sweet, yet satisfying, waffle-and-French-toast hybrid. I love the rich maple-cream sauce layered with bananas and nuts, but feel free to customize your toppings. You make the rules here!

Enchilada Egg Bake: Calling the family to the kitchen won’t be necessary with this dish. The cheesy egg and salsa aroma will have them rushing to the table all on its own. With only 15 minutes of prep and enough servings for leftovers, these frank-filled enchiladas have everything you want out of a weeknight bake.

Next time that rebellious impulse strikes, be prepared with a party menu that serves up breakfast time anytime.


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