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Easy Easter Appetizers You Need in Your Life

If you’re celebrating Easter, you’ve probably got enough on your plate without needlessly complicating your menu. But here’s good news: You can take fussy appetizers out of that equation and focus on the rest of the festivities (even if that means sneaking candy from the kids’ baskets while they’re distracted—no judgment). I’ve gathered the eight easiest pre-feast noshes I could find, including deviled eggs, breads, mini frittatas and a creamy dip recipe or two. Because I’m nice like that—and because everybunny needs a break sometimes.

So without further ado…the list!

Easy Bunny Deviled Eggs: Easter without deviled eggs is pretty unthinkable, and these are a classic made cuter. And true to their name, decorating them is a cinch. The process goes a little something like this:


Pretty painless, huh? For the least fuss on your part, cut up the radishes, olives and chives yourself, then hand off the decorating to the kiddos. They’ll love the cuteness factor, and you’ll love having a few minutes without them directly underfoot. *Wink*

Bacon & Cheese Pinwheels

Bacon & Cheese Pinwheels: No worries if you’re yeast-impaired; homemade dough is 100 percent unnecessary for these fluffy bites. Just grab a can of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls, spread a super-simple combo of cheese and bacon across the dough, then roll and bake.

Savory Parmesan Spinach & Artichoke Dip_resized_saturated

Savory Parmesan Spinach & Artichoke Dip: Not only is there no baby-sitting involved for this creamy dip, but if you have a jar of marinated artichoke hearts on hand, you’ll probably have the rest of the ingredients in your fridge or freezer. Just give the artichokes a quick chop before tossing everything into a mixing bowl, then spoon the gooey mixture into a dish and bake it for 20 minutes. App accomplished.

Brunchtime Honey-Feta Bruschetta

Brunchtime Honey-Feta Bruschetta: Mix, spread, top. Those are literally the directions for this app. (High-five if you read that in the proper sitcom voice.) If you’re not doing both a big-deal brunch and dinner for Easter—major respect if you are—then appetizers are a golden opportunity to give dinner a little breakfasty flair—especially if the berry-starring app in question takes only 15 minutes to make.

Hot Bacon Cheese Spread_cropped_saturated

Hot Bacon Cheese Spread: The most complicated part of this recipe is hollowing out the bread round. Obviously, do the knife-work yourself—then give the rest to your kids. They’ll think it’s fun. It’s convenient for you. Everybody wins. Once they’ve got assembly done, just fill the bread bowl to brimming with a creamy blend of three cheeses (and bacon!) and bake until it’s hot and melty.

smoked salmon appetizer_saturated

Smoked Salmon Appetizer: Funny how a little smoked salmon makes any recipe feel special occasion, even a super-simple, four-ingredient app like this one. For the quickest prep, make these tasty bites assembly-line-style: Smear all the bread pieces with cream cheese spread at once, then top ’em all with watercress, then with salmon. Less pick-up-put-down!

Cheesy Garlic & Herb Twists

Cheesy Garlic & Herb Twists: Classy bread twists that are ready in 15 minutes? Yes, please! And yes, I’m once more singing the praises of refrigerated crescent dinner roll dough; it’s a straight-up kitchen workhorse. Just slice the dough into strips, twist ’em and brush ’em with melted butter before sprinkling on a couple cheeses and seasonings.

Mini Cheesy-Salsa Frittata Appetizers_saturated

Mini Cheesy Salsa Frittata Recipes: These delicious handheld frittatas have only four ingredients. (Yes, you read that right.) Seriously, if you have VELVEETA, eggs and salsa in your kitchen, then you’re a couple tablespoons of snipped chives away from these bold-and-bitty bites. (And if I remember correctly, Easy Bunny Deviled Eggs calls for chives, too. Who says you should stop at one app?)

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