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How to Have a “Ball” on Game Day

It’s been a while since I’ve touched a basketball. My athletic career peaked in middle school, back when the number of sweatbands you wore was just as important as your skill level. While I never learned to spin the ball on one finger, my ball-handling skills have managed to improve since then—in the kitchen, that is. And if you think ball hogs only exist on the basketball courts, you haven’t seen my party guests when I bring out the cheese ball. Here’s my winning roster for the best ball-shaped recipes.

Party Cheese Ball Made Over: Only three steps stand between you and this crowd-pleasing cheese ball. Whipping the Neufchatel and cheddar cheese keeps the ball creamy and oh-so spreadable. But my favorite part has to be the tangy twist of Dijon mustard and chopped peppers that helps make it a slam dunk!

Bacon Truffles_saturated

BAKER’S Chocolate & Bacon Truffles: Bacon. Chocolate. Need I say more? When truffles have candied bacon inside and out, everyone’s a winner! Plus these savory-sweet minis basically serve themselves. Just set them on the table and watch guests go after them like players scrambling for a loose ball.

Barbecue-Cheddar Meatballs

Barbecue-Cheddar Meatballs: Other meatballs don’t stand a chance against these little players. Add sharp cheddar to a traditional meatball mix to create a cheesy, über-appetizer that’s ready in just 35 minutes. The delectable tomato-barbecue sauce makes the recipe unbeatable.

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