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Perfect Banana Cream Pie Bars

We usually have Easter dinner at my parents’ house, and I always like to take a special dessert—usually a delicious cream pie. This year, I’m bringing these amazing Strawberry-Banana Cream Pie Bars. Nothing says spring like a light and fluffy banana cream pie, and the addition of fresh strawberries puts a really special twist on a classic.

Strawberry-Banana Cream Pie Bars

These fruity cream pie bars are so easy to make. I am a big fan of desserts that are simple to assemble and that hold up well in the refrigerator overnight. I usually make cream pies the night before an event, and I find that they taste even better after they have had several hours to chill. It gives the cream pie time to set up and for the flavors to marry. Plus, it’s such a time-saver on the day of your event if you have the dessert ready to grab and go.

Strawberry-Banana Cream Pies Bars_2

From its crispy crust made of crushed vanilla wafers to its sweet layers featuring fresh strawberries, banana pudding and a creamy whipped topping, these bars are quite simply divine. I know my extended family will go wild for this recipe because we’re all huge fans of cream pie recipes. My husband and kids have already given this dessert their approval. I adore the way this recipe looks, and a little extra crunch is always nice!

Banana Strawberry Cream Pie Bars_final

As I look ahead to Easter, I’m thrilled about spending that day with the people I love. We’ve been lucky in the past few years to have warm, sunny days for Easter, so my fingers are definitely crossed for a repeat in that department. Regardless of the weather, I think my perfect Strawberry-Banana Cream Pie Bars are going to bring a lot of smiles.

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous Easter dessert or you’re simply a fan of cream pie recipes, you’re going to adore this one! For more inspiration, check out these easy recipes for creamy pies and other Easter treats.


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