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My Favorite Way to Do Salmon

You know those select few recipes you make time and time again? These Blackened Salmon Burgers with Herbed Cream Cheese are going to become one of THOSE recipes. I’m talking week after week, month after month, you will continually find yourselves making these burgers. I have made them twice in the last week alone, but as the weather continues to warm and the days continue to get longer, I can only see my infatuation escalating.

Here’s the deal: Not only are these salmon burgers delicious, they’re also incredibly easy to prepare. I’m talking 15 minutes of prep time. Then fire the burgers up in a skillet, mix together some herbed whipped cream cheese and assemble everything onto a toasted bagel—yup, a bagel!


If you’ve never had the combo of salmon and cream cheese, let me tell you that you’ve been missing out. It’s one of my favorite ways to eat salmon; I’ve been making blackened fish tacos with cream cheese for years, way before I started my blog. I took that same combination of flavors I use in the tacos and turned them into one epic burger. I also got a little fancy and added some fresh herbs to my whipped cream cheese. I decided that a bagel would be the perfect vessel to hold it all. And yes, the bagel is a MUST. I used a poppy-seed bagel, but I think sesame seed would be equally delish.

Now let’s talk about the toppings. I have a really hard time making seafood and not putting it with something fruity and tropical, SO I stuck to my instincts and added grilled pineapple, grilled jalapeños, sliced avocado (obviously) and some fresh watercress.


Perfect spring burger, right? Awesome, let’s do this!

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