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Shower Power Recipes: “Naked” Cakes

Summer’s here, so it’s time to get naked…cakes, that is! Traditional layer cakes are going frosting-free, and the result is an almost un-BARE-ably awesome dessert for all warm-weather occasions: wedding showers, baby showers, grad parties—you name it, I’ll be creating naked cakes.

Sweet and simple takes the cake when it comes to these trendy desserts. No-fuss garnishes elegantly top the unfrosted, layered dessert. Plus, most recipes call for store-bought or box-mix cake. Dessert doesn’t get easier—or more impressive—than this.

Angel Lush with Pineapple: Don’t let the luxurious name fool you. Store-bought cake and an easy-to-mix pineapple topping are all it takes to create this stacked beauty. Dress up the simple layers with a fresh fruit garnish, and the cake is ready for any special occasion.

Double Chocolate-Strawberry Shortcake

Double-Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake: Chocolate and strawberries meet again—only this time, it’s with double the layers. The delicious duo gets exposed in this frosting-free cake, where fresh strawberries and jam hold their own against a rich, pudding-spiked chocolate cream.

Simply Citrus Cream Cake

Simply Citrus Cream Cake: They say it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. When it comes to this cake, I believe it. The lemon-orange flavor shines without having to hide under thick buttercream frosting. Plus, sour cream and pudding mix added to the cake itself make every bite extra moist and tender.

Strawberry Orange Layer Cake

Strawberry-Orange Layer Cake: Surprise party guests with this covert cake. Sure, it may appear modest, with minimal garnish, but the burst of strawberry-orange flavor within the moist layers is anything but boring. Made with a box mix and only 15 minutes of prep, this recipe may even surprise you too.

Triple Lemon Layer Cake_super_saturated

Triple-Lemon Layer Cake: When it comes to unfrosted cakes, a clean and simple design takes the, well, cake. Let the inviting citrus flavors of this triple-lemon cake command the attention at your gathering instead.

Pro tip: Save baking a naked cake until the day of the event. Without a heavy fondant or buttercream layer, these cakes tend to dry out faster.

Need extra layers? We have even more whipped delights.

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