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Eyes on the Pies

Ripe, juicy summer fruit is bursting from grocery and farmers’ markets these days. Time for me to grab my rolling pin and reach for the pie recipes! The window of opportunity to make desserts from perfectly ripe berries or peaches is brief but glorious, and I’m asking just one thing of you: Take advantage of the bounty while it lasts and make a pie. Any kind! Blueberry pie, double-berry pies, fruit-stuffed hand pies…they’re all amazing. And with the right recipes (*cough* like the ones I picked below *cough*), they can be ridiculously easy to make too.

Case in point…

Glazed Red Berry Pie: Need a no-bake, ruby-red showstopper of a pie? Look no further! Fresh raspberries and strawberries are held together in a sweet, fruity glaze made with raspberry-flavor gelatin mix. Make the piecrust from scratch, if you like, or use store-bought dough. Either will be delish.


Easy Blueberry Yogurt Cream Pie: You may find yourself buying blueberry low-fat yogurt for the sole purpose of making this pie. (No judgments here!) Just whisk the yogurt with some milk and vanilla pudding mix, then stir in ripe blueberries and whipped topping. Pour into a premade crust and voilà: a luscious cream pie without the endless stove-top stirring. Win!

Flat Bottom Fruit Pie

Flat-Bottom Fruit Pie: Who says you need a pie dish to make pie? To form the base of this layered treat, just sprinkle refrigerated piecrust with cinnamon sugar and bake it flat on a baking sheet. Finish by smearing it with a fluffy, pudding-y topping, then layering with fresh fruit. Dessert is served!

Peach Blueberry Hand Pies

Peach-Blueberry Hand Pies: You know how gaga people can get over pie? Expect double that excitement when you make these perfectly portable peach-and-blueberry-stuffed hand pies. A surprise ingredient gives the filling a perfect amount of tang: lemon-flavor gelatin mix. You’re welcome.

Pie Recipes: Easy Strawberry Cream Pie

Easy Strawberry Cream Pie: Say you’re in the mood for strawberry pie, and you only have about a cup of fresh strawberries…but you DO have frozen strawberries on hand. Enter this dreamy pie! The thawed berries form a fluffy, fruity filling when combined with sugar, cream cheese, vanilla pudding mix and whipped topping. Slice those fresh berries for a tasty topper!

Looking for more pies or fruity desserts? Your search is over!

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