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The Only Potato Dish You Need This Fall

Fall cooking—especially for Thanksgiving—is something I think about all year long. Only a couple of months after my boyfriend and I began dating in the spring of 2014, we were already planning our Thanksgiving menu, making lists and coordinating sweet and savory dishes to cook for our family and friends. You could say it was love.

Whether for a weeknight or a holiday, these easy and delicious Parmesan Scalloped Sweet Potatoes with Thyme have been a longtime favorite fall dish. They’re cozy yet delicate, packed with big flavors from simple ingredients. This potato dish is the perfect complement to roasted meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. Just one pan and one hour are all you need to make these creamy, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes. Cleanup is a breeze! That is always a plus in my kitchen.

parmesan scalloped sweet potato dish
The secret here is to use equal-size sweet potatoes and Russet potatoes. Because sweet potatoes are so delicate once baked, the Russets help add structure to this dish. When your potatoes are of a similar diameter, they all cook evenly. Nothing underdone, nothing overdone—that’s the key to a perfectly layered potato dish!

Grated Parmesan has been a staple in my refrigerator for as long as I can remember. When I first learned to cook, I added it to practically every meal I made and continue to use it on a weekly basis in casseroles, pasta dishes and more. I consider it the cherry on top of already delicious dinners and side dishes.

parmesan scalloped sweet potato dish 3

This remarkably good sweet potato dish is so simple that even your kids will enjoy getting in on the fun—after you cut the potatoes. Little hands can help layer the potatoes into the dish and pour the cream over the top. Plus baking is a good lesson in patience. Once your potatoes are done, leave it to the adult to grab the dish out of the oven (it will be bubbly and hot).

I hope you enjoy this recipe for a quiet evening in or as an accompaniment to a big holiday feast. I guarantee you will love it and come back to this recipe again and again! For more ideas, check out this collection of potato recipes.



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    Dennis says:

    Hey Georgia,

    Great dish here. I love that you guys show what your products can become. It must help your retail sales tremendously. Keep up the great work at Kraft. I admire the customer outreach, and the Potato dish :-)

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