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Snickerdoodle Cookies + Cream Cheese Frosting = WHAT?!

A snickerdoodle cookie is one of my favorite holiday cookies. They have the perfect balance of buttery softness and slight crispiness, with a warm cinnamon-sugar aroma that draws me in every time. I share these Cream Cheese Frosting-Filled Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies often with family and friends this time of year, which means my oven is almost always pumping out a fresh batch of snickerdoodles. This is especially handy for last-minute guests coming over for dinner and dessert!

Recently, I started to think about how to transform the snickerdoodle cookie into something even better: a scrumptious sandwich cookie. Of course! What’s better than one snickerdoodle? Two sandwiched together, in harmony with a dollop of delicious cream cheese frosting made with creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese whipped with coconut flakes and fragrant vanilla. Does that sound good to you? I thought so.

Snickerdoodle Cookie 1

Bake a batch of these cookies for someone you love, a teacher or a new pal, or share them with your family. Think of someone who might need a reason to smile or a pep in their step. A visit or phone call and something sweet will surely cheer them up. What’s not to love about a nice hello and a batch of cookies?

As much as I love a snickerdoodle cookie, the absolute best part of this recipe might be the cream cheese frosting! I have never been talented with whipping up fabulous frostings from scratch, but I truly love using PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese in my frostings. Because it is made with fresh milk and real cream, this cream cheese lends the most perfectly smooth texture to my dessert toppings. It is heavenly light and luscious every time.

Snickerdoodle Cookie 2

These snickerdoodle cookies are so simple to make, you can even get the kids involved! Let them mix cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl. Then, they can roll the cookie dough balls in the cinnamon-sugar before placing them on the pan. These cookies are full of homemade goodness and basic ingredients like butter, flour, brown sugar and eggs, so you most likely already have all of the ingredients at home.

When the cookies are fully baked, let them cool on a wire rack. Meanwhile, you can whip up the coconut cream cheese frosting. (An electric mixer makes this easy.) If you don’t like coconut, feel free to omit it. When the frosting is ready, scoop it into a small plastic bag, snip off a small part of the corner, and you have an easy way to pipe the frosting on the cookies. Or, just let the kids try their hand at spreading it with a spoon.

Snickerdoodle Cookie 3

Voila! You have an easy, awesomely elegant treat that would be a special addition to any get-together or holiday table.

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