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The Perfect Appetizer for Any Holiday Party

Everyone has a favorite holiday tradition. My mom would go all out each Christmas Eve by preparing a spread of appetizers that included chicken wings, bacon-wrapped wieners, cheese and crackers, crab salad and fresh fruit. She’d give us brand-new pajamas and we’d all change into them before starting a classic Christmas movie. Snuggled together, we’d watch the screen under the lights of our Christmas tree. For dessert there were always homemade holiday cookies and candies. It was wonderful! I love passing on childhood traditions like these to my children. Continue reading

An Easy Rustic Pie To Simplify Thanksgiving Dessert

Because my mom loves to cook, she’s taken on the responsibility of feeding our entire family during the holidays. To avoid exhaustion, she’s been utilizing shortcuts, especially when it comes to dessert. Instead of spending an entire day baking her famous pies, she’s now purchasing pies from local bakeries or making simpler desserts at home. I love that she embraces the true reason we have gathered: to spend quality time together. Continue reading

Just Peachy! An Adorable, Portable Dessert

When August rolls around, it is the height of summer in my neck of the woods. I’m reminded to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and get outside with my kids as much as possible before school starts. Picnics are a fabulous way to experience the great outdoors. Whether you like to take your picnic somewhere special or simply roll out a blanket in the backyard, everyone can enjoy this quality family time centered around a delicious meal. Continue reading