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Gina Lincicum is a kitchen aficionado contributing her recipes and stories to Compensation was provided by KRAFT. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, Gina Lincicum, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of KRAFT.

1 Easy Tip to Start the New Year Off Right

With the holiday season over, it’s time to focus on healthy habits. One of the best habits to start (or recommit to) is packing a lunch instead of eating out. Even if you’re at home during the day, planning your lunchtime foods will ensure you eat a smart, well-portioned meal that tastes great. Finding some easy recipes and setting aside a little preparation time is all it takes to plan out those better choices. Continue reading

The Perfect Party Appetizer: Easy 4-Ingredient Pinwheel Roll-Ups

A few years ago, I began avoiding the chaos that the holiday season often brings. Now, my family and I choose to focus on what’s important to us: time together, great food and traditions, and visiting with friends and extended family. We do that by limiting the number of events we attend—and thoroughly enjoying the ones we choose. We also stick to healthy routines like getting enough sleep, eating well and keeping on top of household and school obligations. By doing this each year, we’ve made one of our traditions a restful, enjoyable holiday season that we look forward to each December. Continue reading

The Most Versatile Mini Meatloaves Ever!

The holiday season brings back so many food memories. Growing up in the Midwest, cooking and baking were always a part of our lives, especially at the holidays. It’s something I share with my own children now, though I’ve adapted how and what I cook. Back then, our “comfort foods” were heavy and filling, perfect for bulking up against the cold winters. Nowadays, I’m always looking for lighter flavors and sensible portions. I also like to add vegetables whenever possible. Continue reading

Get Caught Up in these Spider-Web Cupcakes

With fall comes fabulous tastes and smells—especially when you’re baking! I love the combo of cinnamon and pumpkin, and this year I’m kicking the flavor up a notch by adding tangy BREAKSTONE’S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream and PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese to give regular pumpkin cupcakes a little zip. Need adult Halloween party ideas? Serve these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting alongside some warm mulled cider. For kids’ Halloween treats, add the fun spider web, made with melted chocolate, to the top of the cupcakes. My kids like to stick one of those plastic spider rings on top as decoration. Continue reading

Make-Ahead Chicken Casserole + How to Plan Recipes for Fall

We’re back to a busy fall schedule. Whether your work days seem fuller or the kids have more activities, it’s always a challenge to get food on the table. You can avoid expensive takeout and unhealthy fast food by focusing on simple recipe-planning this fall. It’s actually not too hard to get organized and work off of a weekly plan. After doing it for more than eight years for my family of five, fall has come to mean easy-to-prep and delicious-to-eat casseroles. They are perfect to prep ahead. Here is how to get started: Continue reading

Your New Go-To Easy Chicken Breast Recipe

When I’m looking for easy weeknight dinnertime dishes and new lunch ideas for school, finding a great recipe like Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad that can do both is a win-win! Grill some extra chicken to have on hand to make my delicious Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap to enjoy at lunchtime. My kids just love these! All the flavors of their favorite Caesar salad are there, with a multigrain wrap standing in for the croutons. Continue reading