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The Most Tailgating-est Tailgating Recipe Ever

One of the things I look forward to every year is tailgating with my friends and family. Most people love tailgating because of football, but I love it for the tailgating recipes. In fact, I don’t pay attention to anything but the food! Who doesn’t enjoy wings, potato skins and nachos? One appetizer I have grown to love is beer cheese—and I’m not even a beer lover. It’s the flavor that draws me in, and with the right cheese and the right beer, you can even make a dish as amazing as these Steak and Jalapeño Cheese Tailgate Nachos.

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10 Twitter-Ready “Who Knew?” BBQ Ideas You’ll Want to Share

Once our grill comes out, it’s not going back until the snow begins to fall (and there have been a few times when even that doesn’t deter my husband). But to my surprise, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen everything there is to grill. I know mine isn’t the only family of die-hard barbecuers out there, so I’m sharing my recipes for the top 10 things you never knew you always wanted to grill—you should share them too (you can tweet ’em right from the recipe page)! And make sure you let us know how these dishes turn out—tweet your pics to @KraftFoods. Continue reading

Orange You in the Mood for This?

Our cheesiest and meltiest recipes are right here for those of us who feel like getting together with a few friends to watch a little TV tonight. For mac and cheese lovers, our VELVEETA® Down-Home Macaroni & Cheese is ooey-gooey amazing. And the buttery crackers crumbled on top are more proof that simple food can be the best food. Want more options? Check out our coziest mac and cheese recipes. Continue reading