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Recipes That Say “Fiesta” Not “Siesta”

Inspiration can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. I just read an interview with a famous journalist—known for covering race and politics—who discussed his love of comic books (when I get a moment to read, I like to read everything!). One thing he said that really stuck with me was how much he liked plot twists in comics. Now, I’m no journalist, and I’m not a (conventional) superhero, but I do love a twist too! Just because a recipe is quick and easy doesn’t mean it should be predictable. Which brings me to this amazing shrimp cocktail. Continue reading

10 Twitter-Ready “Who Knew?” BBQ Ideas You’ll Want to Share

Once our grill comes out, it’s not going back until the snow begins to fall (and there have been a few times when even that doesn’t deter my husband). But to my surprise, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen everything there is to grill. I know mine isn’t the only family of die-hard barbecuers out there, so I’m sharing my recipes for the top 10 things you never knew you always wanted to grill—you should share them too (you can tweet ’em right from the recipe page)! And make sure you let us know how these dishes turn out—tweet your pics to @KraftFoods. Continue reading