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The 6 Cauliflower Recipes I Can’t Live Without

You might’ve noticed that cauliflower is having a moment right now—and am I the only one who wants that moment to go on forever? I can’t be. Not when there are SO many uses for this cruciferous little marvel. When it comes to throwing meals together, cauliflower is a perfect blank slate: It absorbs flavors, stands in for starches and mashes like an absolute dream. In the world of easy dinner recipes, cauliflower is king.

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3 Smoothies that Won’t Wreck Your Resolutions

Am I the only one who gets starry-eyed at the prospect of a new year? Last year’s challenges seem to fade into the background—it’s a clean slate! And in the midst of that annual enthusiasm, I pinkie-swear that this will be the year I eat more fruits and vegetables, keep my closet neatly organized and practice daily 5 a.m. sun salutations (that last one…oof). Continue reading

#athleeeeeats: Casseroles and Other Comforting Healthy Living Dinner Ideas

Every morning I wake up at (what seems like) the crack of dawn and will myself to put on my gym clothes and get out the door for a run. Somehow, after summoning the strength to speed through several miles, I feel like a million bucks! I bounce out the door to work, ready for whatever the day has in store and determined to make smart decisions when it comes to what I’m eating. But when dinnertime rolls around, I’m pretty worn out and just want to cuddle up with a takeout menu and call it a night. By the time I’ve decided what to order and waited around for someone else to cook my food and bring it to my door, I could already be eating something just as comforting but much better for my healthy eating goals. These six recipes are just that: hearty, simple to make and Healthy Living. Continue reading

Next-Level BBQ: Salmon on the Grill

Nothing is more satisfying on a warm summer night than pouring a glass of wine, leaving the stove behind and stepping outside to grill while the sprinklers kick on.

Which is why, if I can BBQ it, I will. Salmon, with its thick skin, holds its form on the grill so it’s an ideal option for backyard cooking. And not only is salmon well-suited for cooking out, it’s also a little bit more exciting than plain old burgers. Check out our tastiest Easy Bbq Recipes for inventive ways to mix it up at your next cookout! Continue reading