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3 Microwave Hacks for the Best Pecan Pie of Your Life

Is there anything worse than getting ready to bake and finding your brown sugar is basically hard enough to cut glass? This seems to happen to me every Thanksgiving Eve when I’m already coated in flour, reeking of onions and garlic, and in the middle of three other Thanksgiving recipes. Fortunately, there’s one quick microwave trick to solve this problem—and a couple more that are even easier if you have the foresight to check your sugar more than five minutes before you need it. Continue reading

The Only 3 Knives You’ll Ever Need & How to Use Them

For years I struggled to completely wrap each noodle around my fork, just like they do in the movies. The end result was never picture-perfect and inevitably, a splash of sauce would find its way into my eye or onto my clothes. It was at a small café in Florence that I was first served my pasta with a fork and spoon. With the help of a spoon, I could tightly and accurately wrap my linguine, spaghetti and angel hair pasta into a twirl so flawless it was almost a shame to eat it. Undeniably, when it comes to cooking and eating, the right utensils make for a much more enjoyable experience. Continue reading

Real Appeal: Banana Baking Recipes

The scent of banana bread baking in my oven is quite possibly the best aromatherapy I know. But why limit banana-baking adventures to the best banana bread ever? Perhaps you’d also like the tenderest banana muffins? Or maybe the moistest banana cake (with cream cheese frosting!)? This is the reason I keep overripe bananas in my freezer, sometimes for months. (If you’re not into planning your baking endeavors months in advance, a couple days in a paper bag on the counter should do the trick.) Behold this bevy of baked banana delights. Continue reading

Get Caught Up in these Spider-Web Cupcakes

With fall comes fabulous tastes and smells—especially when you’re baking! I love the combo of cinnamon and pumpkin, and this year I’m kicking the flavor up a notch by adding tangy BREAKSTONE’S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream and PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese to give regular pumpkin cupcakes a little zip. Need adult Halloween party ideas? Serve these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting alongside some warm mulled cider. For kids’ Halloween treats, add the fun spider web, made with melted chocolate, to the top of the cupcakes. My kids like to stick one of those plastic spider rings on top as decoration. Continue reading

Pumpkin: Celebrate Fall’s Best Flavors with an Easy Mousse Pie

Having grown up in Vermont, it probably goes without saying that the strikingly beautiful colors of fall foliage hold a special place in my heart. Fall is easily one of my favorite times of the year—I just can’t help but love feeling the cooler air, wearing light sweaters, wrapping up in blankets on the couch and watching weekend football. But you know what I love even more? All the wonderful pumpkin desserts! Continue reading

Easy Dinner Recipe 101: Chicken Casserole

As a mom who works from home yet is still always on the go because of my two kids, I need to plan meals to stay organized. So once a week I sit and plan out the menu, and when I grocery shop I get the right ingredients for my pantry—those that allow me to make delicious, quick meals. Casseroles are easy to make and let me use those staples I keep in my pantry, which saves both time and money. Here is a family favorite: Creamy Garlic & Green Bean Chicken Casserole Recipe. Check out more easy recipes and other simple chicken casserole ideas.