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4 Knives for Every Kitchen and How to Use Them

Although most knife blocks hold a dozen knives or more, you may be surprised to learn that you only really need four different knives that can take care of all your kitchen tasks. Discover what knives to have on hand and the scenarios in which to use each type. When you’re preparing a beautiful recipe, like beef tenderloin, you want to use each of your knives effectively so your dish looks great on the table! Continue reading

Time Saving Tips on Easter Classics

Holiday food traditions build up over many years, and while the food is delicious, it can sometimes overshadow the holiday you are supposed to be celebrating. This Easter, simplify your life with some of these time saving tips on classic Easter dishes. You will still end up with a beautiful spread, but you will spend less time in the kitchen so you are better able to celebrate with friends and family. Continue reading

Food to Love: Do You Fondue?

If a warm, smooth dip coating a delicious bite of food sounds too good to be true, then it’s time for you to get to know fondue. This style of food includes several types of delicious dips, most commonly in the families of chocolate fondue and cheese fondue. The dips are heated, typically in a fondue pot that can keep them at just the right temperature, and then you can dip a variety of items into them to enjoy the fondue one bite at a time.

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