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Kids Can Cook

S’Mores Pops on PopSugar

How cute is she?! Apparently, someone over at PopSugar (and her daughter!) loves s’mores as much as everyone in the KRAFT KITCHENS. This genius Frozen S’mores Pudding Pops recipe is a double-win: an afternoon activity to keep the kiddie(s) occupied as well as a campfire-inspired (but entirely flame-free) frosty treat. Looking for s’more inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Continue reading

Pudding on a Happy Face

The ice cream truck factored big into my childhood summers. Long afternoons were spent in the backyard with my best friend, keeping our ears tuned for the first faint bars of “Pop Goes the Weasel.” By the time the music was blaring down my street, we had joined the crowd of sweaty kids jumping up and down on the sidewalk, all of us with a dollar clutched in our little fists. My neighborhood now doesn’t have an ice cream truck, and my kids are way too busy to hang out in the yard waiting for one anyway. But I like to recreate a little magic with my favorite summer recipe for pudding pops. Continue reading

Raincoats, Wet Boots & Faux Sushi

Click here for the recipe: Kid-Style Sushi

My kids don’t like sushi-grade fish, which is completely fine (more for me). However, they do think it’s a blast to make this imposter version of the sushi roll. On rainy Saturday mornings that drag (just a tad), the kid-sushi assembly line at the kitchen table before lunch is one of my go-to tactics. Continue reading

Asparagus: No Knife, No Prob

Magically appearing right beside me is a special skill my kids have in the kitchen. The second I put a pot on the stove, children materialize out of nowhere to sit cross-legged on the floor or stare aimlessly into the fridge. Which is why I am forever enlisting them to do non-knife things, like wash lettuce or prep asparagus with this brilliant hack. Continue reading