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Just Peachy! An Adorable, Portable Dessert

When August rolls around, it is the height of summer in my neck of the woods. I’m reminded to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and get outside with my kids as much as possible before school starts. Picnics are a fabulous way to experience the great outdoors. Whether you like to take your picnic somewhere special or simply roll out a blanket in the backyard, everyone can enjoy this quality family time centered around a delicious meal. Continue reading

The 6 Farmers’ Market Finds You Need to Buy

You know that moment when you walk into the farmers’ market and you’re almost overwhelmed by all the glorious fruits and veggies piled up everywhere you look? Yeah, we’re there. If my trip to the farmers’ market last weekend is any indication, we’ve hit peak produce production. I highly recommend grabbing the extra-large tote, then taking a trip to see and taste everything your local farmers have to offer. Be on the lookout for these six amazing fruits and veggies, then come home and enjoy my favorite ways to make them shine. Continue reading

10 Twitter-Ready “Who Knew?” BBQ Ideas You’ll Want to Share

Once our grill comes out, it’s not going back until the snow begins to fall (and there have been a few times when even that doesn’t deter my husband). But to my surprise, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen everything there is to grill. I know mine isn’t the only family of die-hard barbecuers out there, so I’m sharing my recipes for the top 10 things you never knew you always wanted to grill—you should share them too (you can tweet ’em right from the recipe page)! And make sure you let us know how these dishes turn out—tweet your pics to @KraftFoods. Continue reading