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Meal Planning

The Deal with Dump Cake

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is it called ‘dump cake’?” you’ve probably never made one of these sweet treats. Usually a dump cake recipe includes a box of cake mix, canned fruit and not much else. And you usually skip the bowl entirely. About the time you’ve poured a box of cake mix and a can of fruit directly into a baking dish it will occur to you, “Ah, right. Dump cake.” Continue reading

Summer Berry Pink Lemonade

Kimberly Schiffel – Bake Love Give

After a harsh winter across the country, we are welcoming summer with open arms with a delicious Summer Berry Pink Lemonade! As the summer months heat up, there’s no better way to cool down than with an ice cold glass of sweet lemonade. One of our favorite tricks for keeping your lemonade tart and flavorful is to substitute frozen fruit for ice cubes. As the fruit thaws, your lemonade flavor intensifies without becoming watered down. Continue reading

Add This Dessert to Your Easter Spread!

Glenda Embree – Busy at Home


I’m so excited about spring! I love the spring air, the pops of green that start showing in the landscape and garden and the promise of all the “fresh starts” that spring brings. It’s funny that even our cooking changes when spring arrives. We move  from the heavier, heartier, super-filling comfort-food-style of cooking, to dishes that fit our “springy” mood. Fruity, fresher, and brilliantly colorful all come to mind when I think of food for spring. Continue reading

A Luscious Lemon Cake for Easter

One of my favorite flavors, especially in spring, is lemon.  There is something so beautiful, bright and refreshing about lemon, especially in desserts.  I am always looking for ways to work lemon into my baking and today I have a delicious recipe for a lemon pound cake with a lemon cream cheese frosting to share with you.  This lemon cake is a fantastic choice to serve as one of your Easter desserts.

Continue reading