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My Breakfast Secret: Make-Ahead Mini Casseroles

Go, go, go. That seems to be the tone as we move from the lazier, less-scheduled days of summer to our fall and back-to-school routines. Morning can be the most rushed part of the day—with trying to get out the door and making sure to eat a healthful breakfast time recipe, there just never seems to be enough time. And if you’re like me and have the bad habit of hitting that snooze button? Well, that just makes it even worse. Continue reading

Brunch…with Bubbles

Time to hit the bottle! No, not THAT bottle—the bottle of seltzer. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing new varieties of sparkling water on the shelves. They beckon me with tantalizing (and increasingly exotic) flavors like “golden peach,” “mountain raspberry,” “key lime” and “pomegranate sangria.” How could I not want to taste those? But how could I find a reason to buy all the flavors I’ve had my eye on? Brunch. Brunch is always the answer. This weekend I’m having some friends over to sample my small collection of upgraded bubbly water and enjoy my favorite better-than-a-restaurant recipes. If you find yourself in the same boat (as if you need a reason to make brunch), here are the dishes at the top of my list …dishes best accompanied by bubbly water.

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Brunch on the Cheap

While Sunday does not carry the giddy relief of Friday or the chill lazy factor of Saturday, it holds the promise of brunch. And even if restaurant brunch is too hard on your wallet lately, no need to give up on Sunday. We have restaurant-style ideas you can put together at home. Bonus: Your house will be filled with the comforting smells of butter on toast, hot coffee and eggs baking in a casserole dish. So take a little time on Saturday to pull together the Do-Ahead Egg Bake above, and invite your squad. Continue reading

Bagel-less Brunch Idea: Smoked Salmon-PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Omelet

John Donohue – Stay at Stove Dad


Springtime has arrived and nature is up to its old tricks. The days are getting longer. Asparagus is in season. The daffodils arrive, then the tulips. It’s great fun to throw off one’s jacket and run through the sunshine. Everything old seems new. Continue reading

A Berry Delicious Muffin Recipe

Liz Latham – Hoosier Homemade


Spring is in the air! And after the long winter we had here in Indiana, it’s definitely a welcome sight. With spring comes freshness; new grass, flowers popping through the cold ground and the leaves beginning to show again on the trees. Although I love Spring, it’s so hard to decide what I like best…the flavors of Fall; apples, pumpkins, cinnamon or the flavors of Spring; lemon, strawberry, lime…oh the decisions! Continue reading