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Best Breakfasts on a Budget

Beginning your day with breakfast provides fuel for your morning to help you focus at work or school. Even when you’re on a budget, you can whip up plenty of delicious breakfast dishes/recipes/ideas with ingredients you already have on hand. You are sure to be able to put together an omelet with miscellaneous vegetables and leftover meat from dinner, or to pull out your baking ingredients for some pancakes or waffles. Try some of these delicious breakfast recipes next time you need inspiration but can’t don’t want to break the bank. Continue reading

3 Tasty Pancakes for Fat Tuesday

As the season of Lent approaches, it’s time for one last hurrah on Fat Tuesday! This celebration, also known as Mardi Gras, is your last chance to enjoy some tasty treats before Ash Wednesday arrives and Lent begins. Start off Fat Tuesday the right way with a delicious brunch with family or friends. Pull out your favorite breakfast recipes, and make sure at least one of these pancakes makes it on your menu for the occasion. Continue reading

5 Brunch Recipes and Cocktails

A festive brunch is a delightful way to celebrate holidays and special occasions, whether just with your family or with a group of people you invite over for a party. When you are preparing a brunch, focus on developing a spread that includes all of the major food groups, along with a balance of warm items, cold items, and a few cocktails. Continue reading

Start the Day With Something Different: Inspired Dishes in the Morning

There’s no reason that you need to eat eggs, bacon, pancakes, doughnuts, or cereal at breakfast. Have you ever considered using chicken breast strips, a bit of steak, or some noodles in your breakfast? In many other countries, savory foods that we generally think of as lunch or dinner are common breakfast fare. Try starting your day with a hearty recipe and see how the added protein and full flavor helps you fuel up and feel energized! Continue reading

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