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OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Smoked Ham

The Perfect Party Appetizer: Easy 4-Ingredient Pinwheel Roll-Ups

A few years ago, I began avoiding the chaos that the holiday season often brings. Now, my family and I choose to focus on what’s important to us: time together, great food and traditions, and visiting with friends and extended family. We do that by limiting the number of events we attend—and thoroughly enjoying the ones we choose. We also stick to healthy routines like getting enough sleep, eating well and keeping on top of household and school obligations. By doing this each year, we’ve made one of our traditions a restful, enjoyable holiday season that we look forward to each December. Continue reading

Raincoats, Wet Boots & Faux Sushi

Click here for the recipe: Kid-Style Sushi

My kids don’t like sushi-grade fish, which is completely fine (more for me). However, they do think it’s a blast to make this imposter version of the sushi roll. On rainy Saturday mornings that drag (just a tad), the kid-sushi assembly line at the kitchen table before lunch is one of my go-to tactics. Continue reading