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Super-Simple DIY Green Salsa

At our house, we eat salsa on just about everything: scrambled eggs, tacos, burritos, enchiladas… We even love it on grilled chicken breasts or fish! My kids like mild red salsa, but I’ve always been a green salsa girl. I love that it’s tangy, and I like it with some heat to it. This Homemade Tomatillo Salsa is full of delicious flavor from roasted garlic, tomatillos and Anaheim peppers, and gets its delicious smoky flavor from roasting the vegetables in the oven. I had never made tomatillo salsa before, and I was surprised by how simple and easy it is!

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Hack: How to Easily Pickle & Caramelize Onions at Home

Onions are the life of the party; when they’re included, dishes are more interesting. We know what you’re thinking, but preparing onions is easy. Whether you’ve got a lot of time or a little, there is no reason not to bring a little fete to your feast with the help of this vegetable. Here are two short videos detailing easy methods for caramelizing and pickling. Continue reading