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Making Grandma Proud with Classic Summer Fruit Recipes

Over the weekend, as I stood in the middle of a berry farm with pink- and purple-stained finger tips—and three pounds of fruit on my arm—I couldn’t help but think of my grandmother. When I was little she used to take me on special trips to pick fruit and somehow even managed to keep me from eating more than a piece or two before we got home. Peaches, plums, berries—we picked ‘em all! Once we arrived in her kitchen, she would let me help her work her alchemy to turn this fruit and a few other simple ingredients into her own unbeatable classic summertime desserts. I still use her recipes at least a couple times a month all summer long (I’m the reigning queen of potluck desserts), but sometimes I want to switch it up just a little. So these are my favorite modern twists on the simple, traditional recipes I love. Cobbler, crisp, crumble, pie—the gang’s all here! I think grandma would be proud. Continue reading