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Real Appeal: Banana Baking Recipes

The scent of banana bread baking in my oven is quite possibly the best aromatherapy I know. But why limit banana-baking adventures to the best banana bread ever? Perhaps you’d also like the tenderest banana muffins? Or maybe the moistest banana cake (with cream cheese frosting!)? This is the reason I keep overripe bananas in my freezer, sometimes for months. (If you’re not into planning your baking endeavors months in advance, a couple days in a paper bag on the counter should do the trick.) Behold this bevy of baked banana delights. Continue reading

The Deal with Dump Cake

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is it called ‘dump cake’?” you’ve probably never made one of these sweet treats. Usually a dump cake recipe includes a box of cake mix, canned fruit and not much else. And you usually skip the bowl entirely. About the time you’ve poured a box of cake mix and a can of fruit directly into a baking dish it will occur to you, “Ah, right. Dump cake.” Continue reading