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Out from Under Wraps: Chicken Burrito Bowls

Don’t get me wrong—I love traditional burrito recipes as much as anybody else. But there ARE times when a flour tortilla seems a little…unnecessary. Like when you’re working with particularly flavorful ingredients, such as fresh pico de gallo, homemade cilantro rice and chicken skillet-browned in zesty dressing. Why would you cloak all that goodness under a white wrap?

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Chicken Recipes to Warm Your Soul

I’ve lived most of my life in and around Chicago, so I’m no stranger to nasty winters. I’m well-versed in winds blowing right through the buttons of your coat, wet socks sticking up from the tops of snow boots and scarves that you don’t dare lower from your nose. Like everybody else does when the weather turns bleak, I bundle up…and my food does, too!

Seriously, these bundles are one of the most warming and satisfying dishes around, and chicken recipes are always my go-to this time of year. If you haven’t tried these rolls of savory, stuffed goodness, you need to. They’ll thaw you inside and out. Continue reading

Chicken Cacciatore: 3 Trustworthy Recipes for One Amazing Dish

Like summer leaves that gradually turn from green to orange, everything in my life changes with the arrival of autumn. Weekends at the beach are replaced with family dinners at Mom’s house, and easygoing sandals are stored away in favor of more sturdy footwear. Don’t get me wrong; change is good. Too much of it at once, though, can make anyone weary. That’s why, especially during this season, I experiment less and stick with tried-and-true favorites. A dish that’s dependably delicious provides a much-needed break from the unpredictable. If it can also be easy to make, even better! I can always count on chicken cacciatore to be that dish. Juicy chicken, familiar Italian flavors and fresh vegetables are a trustworthy choice no matter the occasion. Continue reading

Your New Go-To Easy Chicken Breast Recipe

When I’m looking for easy weeknight dinnertime dishes and new lunch ideas for school, finding a great recipe like Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad that can do both is a win-win! Grill some extra chicken to have on hand to make my delicious Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap to enjoy at lunchtime. My kids just love these! All the flavors of their favorite Caesar salad are there, with a multigrain wrap standing in for the croutons. Continue reading