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This Is How You Say “Let’s Party” in Spanish

This is my rule: The summer can’t be over until I’ve thrown at least one big ol’ party. Over the years, the shape of this party has changed—it might have gone a little later and been a little louder a few years ago—but it’s always been about good friends, family and, of course, food with a little fiesta flair! This year, one of my oldest friends is flying in from across the country for the occasion. Like me, she loves to cook, so I’ll probably whip up a Strawberry-Watermelon Cooler for us to sip and then we’ll get down to business. I’m going for the quickest, easiest recipes so we can devote more of our attention to catching up and hatching our plans to spend our golden years living together with a couple other friends in a house in Florida.

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Perfect Salad for Easter Lunch

Deb Thompson – Just Short of Crazy


Pasta salad is always one of my favorite dishes to serve at Sunday brunch, take to potlucks, or make for family meals. I love how easy and versatile it is to make. I often just check the pantry and fridge to see what goodness is inside and toss together a pasta salad based on what I can find. This time around I found carrots, peas and onions and knew it was the perfect combination for a spring pasta salad to serve at our Easter table. Continue reading

Bring on the Strawberries!

Liz Mays – Lizventures


Spring’s arrival brings with it a whole new bounty of fresh fruit, and I’m super excited about the return of strawberries. They’re already available for picking here in the south, and probably just weeks from being ready up north.

So, let’s celebrate Spring with a dessert that’s too good not to share: this Creamy Strawberry Shortcake Trifle Fluff! Continue reading