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Top 7 Unexpected Ways to Eat Zucchini

Recently I bought a tank top that promised I could roll out of bed in it, then wear to yoga, then on to brunch. Fascinated, I held it in my hand, imagining how whimsical and lighthearted my life would be once I slipped it over my head. That night, I wore my new tank top to bed, only to have my plan derailed the next morning when I overslept for my yoga class and no one invited me to brunch. In any case, all this is to explain why I am enamored of zucchini. The versatility! This summer, embrace your bumper crop of zucchini with these non-boring and tasty ways to chop, grate and bake that ubiquitous summer veggie. Zucchini, you’re everything I want you to be…and more. Continue reading