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Half of my Twitter feed consists of the food trucks I follow—I can basically make you a map of what to eat corner by corner across Midtown New York City on an hourly basis. Don’t judge. But it’s important to remember that there are tacos that don’t have to come from a truck. Or a restaurant, for that matter. You can, in fact, make some fancy-pants (but secretly easy) tacos right in your own kitchen. I like to invite a couple friends over to help me cook and save me from seemingly endless leftovers. We’ll settle at the picnic table under a tree in my yard for some al fresco dining that’s way more serene than eating while walking or standing around on the sidewalk. Oh, and since there’s an actual table where you can put things down, don’t skip this perfect basic guacamole recipe (no peas here!). Continue reading

This Is How You Say “Let’s Party” in Spanish

This is my rule: The summer can’t be over until I’ve thrown at least one big ol’ party. Over the years, the shape of this party has changed—it might have gone a little later and been a little louder a few years ago—but it’s always been about good friends, family and, of course, food with a little fiesta flair! This year, one of my oldest friends is flying in from across the country for the occasion. Like me, she loves to cook, so I’ll probably whip up a Strawberry-Watermelon Cooler for us to sip and then we’ll get down to business. I’m going for the quickest, easiest recipes so we can devote more of our attention to catching up and hatching our plans to spend our golden years living together with a couple other friends in a house in Florida.

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Recipes That Say “Fiesta” Not “Siesta”

Inspiration can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. I just read an interview with a famous journalist—known for covering race and politics—who discussed his love of comic books (when I get a moment to read, I like to read everything!). One thing he said that really stuck with me was how much he liked plot twists in comics. Now, I’m no journalist, and I’m not a (conventional) superhero, but I do love a twist too! Just because a recipe is quick and easy doesn’t mean it should be predictable. Which brings me to this amazing shrimp cocktail. Continue reading