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An Amazing Way to Get Back on Track: Vegetable-Packed White Bean & Greens Soup

The holiday cheer is over. We’ve celebrated the season, raised our glasses of nog and rung in the New Year with gusto. Now that January is here, it’s time to get my eating habits back on track. For this I turn to flavorful, vegetable-packed soup recipes, which is something my mother always loved making. Continue reading

4 Ways to Make an Amazing Green Bean Casserole

If you ever wore a school uniform growing up, you know the boredom that comes with being denied variety. Kids in uniforms are always desperately searching for ways to stand out from the crowd. They’ll try flipping their collar up or wearing printed socks—whatever they can do to shake things up a bit. Truth is, we all need a little variety from time to time, even as adults. The status quo can be comforting but a change from the norm can be refreshing, exciting. Continue reading