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Cream Cheese Gets Saucy!

Ever meet someone who didn’t like cream cheese sauce? Me neither. (If you do, run away! Life is too short for that kind of negativity.) Sauces made with cream cheese are luscious. Velvety. Versatile. And if you’re a cooking newbie, you couldn’t ask for an easier starter sauce. Adding just a couple ingredients to the cream cheese base, from tomato sauce to chipotle peppers, can create an entirely different, ridiculously delicious new flavor—perfect for coating pasta or drizzling over seafood. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Continue reading

Spaghetti and Meatballs Like Mom’s but in Half the Time

After I moved into my first apartment, my mom would call on a daily basis. Not to confirm her love for me, or just to say hi. She called to make sure I was eating—regularly. The woman was desperately worried that, as an adult with new adult responsibilities, I would forget how to care for myself. Truth is, though, I appreciated those calls. There were weeks when I existed solely by the grace of takeout menus. Thinking I had no time to cook for myself, I missed my mother’s home-cooking even more and her phone calls helped curb a bit of that longing. Continue reading