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The Most Versatile Mini Meatloaves Ever!

The holiday season brings back so many food memories. Growing up in the Midwest, cooking and baking were always a part of our lives, especially at the holidays. It’s something I share with my own children now, though I’ve adapted how and what I cook. Back then, our “comfort foods” were heavy and filling, perfect for bulking up against the cold winters. Nowadays, I’m always looking for lighter flavors and sensible portions. I also like to add vegetables whenever possible. Continue reading

How to Make Bone Broth: The Easiest Way to Reinvent Thanksgiving Leftovers

Don’t throw away those turkey bones! The buzz on the internet about bone broth is nearly deafening these days. “What’s the big deal about it?” you may wonder. Well, let me tell you: IT’S DELICIOUS. I’m not a big fan of extreme foodie trends, but I’m totally on board with this one because it’s super easy. While it takes a lot of time, it’s really not a lot of work. Plus, it’s a way to use every part of the Thanksgiving turkey. Continue reading

Friendsgiving, Potluck Style

Maybe you’re a recent grad who can’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving. (Been there!) Or maybe Thanksgiving with the family is in the cards, and Friendsgiving is just a great reason to eat pie with your BFFs. (Totally agree.) In any case, it’s time to decide what you’re bringing—and this year, that’s going to be more than just wine. (Right? Right.) We’ve gathered six recipes to help you up your Friendsgiving game—and they’re surprisingly simple to make, too!

Continue reading