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Valentine’s Day

Fond of Fondue? Me Too!

There’s a certain romantic holiday arriving in five days (but who’s counting?), and a deep pool of molten chocolate and an accompanying pile of strawberries are downright icons of Valentine’s Day. That might have been my original inspiration for featuring these luscious, made-for-sharing fondue recipes…but you know what? I’m fond of fondue all year long. If we could only dunk bite-size snacks into chocolate or cheese once a year, this would be a sad, sad world.

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Valentine’s Day: It’s Better at Home

If I were asked to choose between venturing out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day or heading to the dentist for a root canal, I might need to flip a coin. (OK, not really—but you know what I mean.) Some people love that special-occasion excursion, and more power to them—it’s just not my thing. The idea of fighting crowds of couples for space in a swanky restaurant, just to blow the budget on a four-course meal (that wasn’t that awesome, anyway) is, frankly, unappealing. Especially when I can make something so much better at home.

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