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Lunchtime Simplicity

Back to school season is here and people are thinking about what they can add to lunch boxes that is new and different! Sept 9th is when the boys start so I still have plenty of time to be thinking of what I can be making them! I did create a very simple sandwich that I can use, though I had to test it first to make sure the avocado will keep for a few hours. I made it for the whole family for lunch to taste test it out with them, and they all loved it. I actually like how filling it is and will probably be making it more for myself.

Turkey Cheese & Avocado Sandwich

2 slices of bread
1/2 avocado
1 slice of KRAFT Singles
3 - 4 pieces of OSCAR MAYER CARVING BOARD Oven Roasted Turkey Breast


SLICE the avocado.

LAYER the KRAFT SINGLES cheese slices on one slice of bread, then your OSCAR MAYER CARVING BOARD Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, last but not least your avocado slices.

PLACE other bread slice on top.

I know, super simple! But I want to keep it simple for the mornings because it's a lot to get two boys ready and out the door! This year I'll have to be making Landon something for snack as well since he'll be going to Pre-K. I also made this with smoked salmon instead of the turkey breast and it was amazing! I may even end up doing OSCAR MAYER Bacon instead of the turkey breast. I can cook up a whole batch in the oven at once and keep them in the fridge to use for sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. Need more inspiration for Sandwich Recipes? Kraft has you covered!

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Turkey Cheese & Avocado Sandwich
Turkey Cheese & Avocado Sandwich

Creamy and delicious avocado slices are all the condiment you need to make this cheesy roasted turkey breast sandwich.

Total Time 1min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Alison Wright. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Being Alison.

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