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Mix It Up With These Monster Munch Brownies

Halloween has always been at the top of my list for favorite holidays. As a kid, all the fun was centered around picking out the perfect costume, trick-or-treating with my friends and pillowcases full of candy. As an adult, I still enjoy the costumes that I help my kids pick out but the most fun for me is baking Halloween treats for my family to enjoy. I get such a thrill out of coming up with spooky Halloween food recipe to freak out the kids a bit. But there’s still fun to be had with simple, less scary, Halloween dessert, especially ones that the kids can help me bake.

For instance, we like to do what I like to call Halloween Monster Munch recipes. These could be cookies, cake, brownies or even pie. The fun is making up your own special “monster munch” toppings which can be a variety of left-over Halloween candy from trick-or-treating or just your favorite seasonal candies that you’ve stocked up on. This time we picked out some family favorites like KRAFT Caramels, JET-PUFFED Mini Marshmallows, PLANTERS Honey Roasted Peanuts and a mix of orange and brown peanut butter candies.

This mixture of candies goes into a Monster Munch of deliciousness on top of a partially baked pan of brownies. After a little extra time in the oven, the candies meld into a mix of sweet candy topping for fudgy brownies! Simply let them cool and cut into squares for the whole family to enjoy!

Click here for the full recipe: Halloween Monster Munch Brownie Bars.

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Halloween Monster Munch Brownie Bars
Halloween Monster Munch Brownie Bars

These Halloween Monster Munch Brownie Bars start out as plain ol' brownies—until they're topped with marshmallows, nuts, candies and other scrumptious bits.

Total Time 40min.

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