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Think Outside The Box: A New Take On S’mores!

Sometimes it's fun to put a new twist on a familiar favorite. Marshmallow Crispy Treats S'mores anyone? No, these aren't marshmallow crispy treats that taste likes s'mores (though those are totally delicious!), these are s'mores that have marshmallow crispy treats stuffed in them. How fun is that? And they are incredibly easy to make. You can either make your marshmallow crispy treats from scratch or do what I did, and use premade marshmallow crispy treats.

With national Marshmallow Crispy Treats Day coming up on September 18th, I wanted to come up with a fun but simple way to celebrate with marshmallow crispy treats. We still have some summertime left here in Phoenix, but the evenings are starting to cool down and are absolutely perfect for sitting outside, roasting some JET-PUFFED Marshmallows and making s'mores. So why not combine s'mores and marshmallow crispy treats? Sounds good to me!

These truly are simple to put together. The only change you make to your regular s'mores recipe is the addition of your marshmallow crispy treats. I went with the ready-made marshmallow crispy treats for mine, as they are the perfect size, you just need to reshape them slightly, which is easily done with the help of a rolling pin and your hands.

You simply flatten out your marshmallow crispy treat slightly, and shape it to match the size of your graham cracker squares.

See, perfect fit!

It's like those marshmallow crispy treats were made to fit inside s'mores! You can make your s'mores by roasting you marshmallows over a campfire (always the fun way) or you can make them if the microwave oven if needed. Really any way you make your s'mores will work, the only change is the addition of that yummy marshmallow crispy treats to the s'mores. Looking for more delicious and creative ways to enjoy s'mores? Check out all of the great s'mores recipes Kraft has for you!

Click here for the full recipe: Marshmallow Crispy Treats S’mores.

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Marshmallow Crispy Treat S'mores
Marshmallow Crispy Treat S'mores

Forget Memory Lane. These scrumptious squares are a two-lane highway to nostalgia, combining two of your childhood favorites: crispy treats and s'mores.

Total Time 20min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Christi Johnstone. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Love From the Oven.

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