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Impromptu Appetizer That Comes Together In Minutes

Impromptu party appetizers tend to become the most memorable by guests. Last week, I had unexpected company appear at my doorstep. With an empty pantry, limited ingredients in my refrigerator and a pending weekly grocery run, I panicked because I realized I didn’t have anything to serve as a gesture of hospitality.

Blue Cheese Pear and Bacon Mini Pizzas

After a few deep breaths, I revisited my kitchen and looked around. I remembered an amazing bruschetta I had tasted a few weeks ago at an upscale restaurant with apples, bleu cheese and bacon. I put my thinking cap on and decided to turn that fancy hors d’oeuvre into a quick, easy and casual homemade appetizer.

With just a couple of pita breads, a fresh pear, cheese, bacon, pecans and the special ingredient, KRAFT Natural Blue Cheese Crumbles, these crispy pizzas were the rage of the entire afternoon. Because KRAFT Blue Cheese Crumbles pair perfectly with the savory bacon and the sweet pears, these appetizers can be enjoyed at a fancy party accompanied with a glass of wine or in a casual setting such as a flavorful afterschool snack.

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Blue Cheese Pear and Bacon Mini Pizzas
Blue Cheese Pear and Bacon Mini Pizzas

If salad with pears, blue cheese and bacon is your favorite dish at the local bistro, imagine how much you'll like it at home—in the form of a mini pizza.

Total Time 32min.

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