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Perfect Veggie Omelet

Our weekday morning routine goes so much smoother when my five-year-old likes his breakfast and eats it without any struggle on my part. Because he tends to be a picky eater at times, vegetables are difficult to incorporate into his breakfast. To my delight, I found this effective and effortless method of getting him to enjoy his vegetables. By adding chopped vegetables to his omelet every morning our breakfast time is pleasant and makes me feel great that he is getting the nourishment he needs to jump start his day. Vegetables such as brocolini, tomatoes, grilled onions and squash give the eggs great flavor balance without over powering taste when cooked.

By stuffing his veggie omelet with a touch of melted KRAFT Mexican Style Four Cheese, his first meal of the day becomes 100 times more enjoyable. When we are short on eating time around the breakfast table, I like to prepare hearty grilled cheese omelet sandwiches. They are easy to enjoy during the car ride and simple to transport in the lunch box.

Don’t skimp on the veggies this New Year. With a little creativity, breakfast time can be fun, delicious and nutritious.

Click here for the full recipe: Broccolini Four Cheese Omelet

Broccolini Four Cheese Omelet
Broccolini Four Cheese Omelet

Looking for a tasty way to get more broccolini on the menu? Ta-da! Here it is—all wrapped up in a cheesy omelet for two.

Total Time 20min.

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