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A New Apple Cake To Try This Winter

When your oldest child decides that it is time to make a cake for Poppy "just because" then you make a cake for Poppy! Graham is such a sweet-hearted little guy. He is always thinking about others and decided that we needed to make a cake for poppy just to show him we care. However, we couldn't make just any cake; we had to make his favorite. Well, my father's favorite cake just so happens to be apple cake. I didn't have all of the traditional ingredients on hand to make it, but I felt like I had enough to make a pretty great cake that would be similar to what he was used to.

Simple Apple Pudding Cake

I decided to use up the brown sugar in the cabinet as well as a JELL-O Cheesecake Flavored Pudding we had in the cabinet. Due to our family’s obsession with apple picking, I generally have apples on hand that I've put away in the refrigerator for safe keeping. So, after I surveyed the cabinets I came up with a new favorite cake for our family. Also, it is worth mentioning that I do not own a traditional Bundt pan. I know... weird, right? Well, I don't… so I made do with our regular loaf pan and all was well. The end result was this, our Simple Apple Pudding Cake.

If you're not a fan of apples then make sure to check out this delicious looking strawberry cake!

Click here for the full recipe: Simple Apple Pudding Cake.

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Simple Apple Pudding Cake
Simple Apple Pudding Cake

Treat your family and friends to this Simple Apple Pudding Cake. Drizzle this Simple Apple Pudding Cake with a honey glaze for a delicious finishing touch.

Total Time 2hr.

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